TORA Liquidity Services

TORA Liquidity Services combines the strength of the TORA Compass trading platform, a dedicated focus on Asia, Tora's unique liquidity products and proprietary analytics to provide clients with state-of-the-art execution capabilities.

Deep Asia Expertise

With a singular focus on Asia, TORA Liquidity Services provides the most comprehensive market color in the region. TORA Liquidity Services has highly sophisticated expertise in the multiple markets that make up Asia, understanding all the characteristics unique to each market.

Proven Technology Platform

TORA Liquidity Services utilizes the TORA Compass trading platform, which has been designed specifically for Asia, to improve trade execution.

Innovative Liquidity Products

TORA Liquidity Services has access to an assortment of unique liquidity products including TORA Crosspoint and TORA Clearpool™.

Extensive Proprietary Analytics

By leveraging internal expertise and data, TORA Liquidity Services can provide customized trade analysis and data mining to support capturing best execution.