TORA Alpha™

The TORA Alpha algos have been designed for the needs of the buy-side, engineered to allow customization for specific trading strategies and specific market requirements, and for multi-broker execution on the back end.

Customized strategy algos, such as pairs arbitrage or gamma hedging, can be developed on a client-by-client basis by Tora or, using the TORA Compass API, can be developed by the client using Matlab, FreeMat, O-Matrix or other software. Tora-developed strategies can be fully integrated into the TORA Compass GUI which provides seamless access to all other TORA Compass functionality. Client-developed strategies can be controlled, maintained and modified by the client as frequently as desired.

TORA Alpha algos allow you to:

  • Customize strategies to optimize the interplay of expected return, risk, and execution costs
  • Leverage Tora's ability to trade through multiple DMA pipes for improved execution and decreased latency at the open and close
  • Ensure algo orders are executed without broker-induced delays
  • Optimize the mixture of market and limit orders to maximize price performance
  • Tune algos to trade ahead or behind the trajectory in response to market conditions
  • Use sliceless millisecond trading with an advanced limit order model
  • Stay anonymous

TORA Alpha Algo Suite